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  • sarah-batista

    Sarah Batista: She Flew the Coop

    In this story, Stories to Inspire Founder Sarah Batista shares how she started the She Flew the Coop movement and her vision for the future.

  • stories-to-inspire-on-stage

    Stories to Inspire On Stage

    Our annual Stories to Inspire On Stage competition hosted by Sarah Batista allows select nonprofits to share their unique stories.

  • why-do-you-matter

    Why Do You Matter?

    This is one of six short videos produced by Stories to Inspire for the nonprofit, The Red Boot Coalition which focuses on compassionate listening.

  • red-boot-coalition

    Who Had a Positive Impact on You?

    We asked people in downtown Charlotte a series of questions to promote Red Boot’s mission to LISTEN, LEARN AND LEAD.

  • kings-kitchen

    The King’s Kitchen

    Our story highlights the stories of Terrah and Aleef who found peace through the King’s Kitchen’s restoration program.

  • teaching-fellows-institute

    Teaching Fellows Institute

    Our story focuses on a high school principal who almost quit the school system, until TFI reignited her passion.

  • matthews-road-wolves

    Matthews Road Wolves

    This group of men, comprised mostly of police officers, has a passion for raising money for other charities in the community.

  • john-powell

    John Powell’s Vision for Charlotte

    John shares how his faith, family and business have shaped his vision for the Charlotte Community.

  • jacindo-garabito

    Jacinda Garabito: She Flew the Coop

    After years of working in the media, Jacinda grew restless of the “run and gun” news style and decided to branch out on her own.