How to come up with great ideas

How to come up with great ideas

How to come up with great ideas

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By Sarah Batista

Since taking the huge leap into entrepreneurship a few months ago, I’ve learned quite a bit about how great ideas come about.

Great ideas ignite in the second hour.

What does that mean? It means just that. Whenever I have a coffee or lunch meeting with someone, I notice that great ideas are often born in the second hour of conversation.  Sometimes, the time runs out just as the momentum starts building, but on other occasions – time evaporates.

There are generally two types of people I meet in business– sap suckers and momentum builders.  Sap suckers can suck the energy right out of the conversation with their cynicism, negativity and packaged way of thinking.  My solution – run!  Don’t fall into the trap.

Momentum builders…on the other hand – are my kind of people. These are the folks who like to think outside the box. Anything is possible. They use their positive energy and draw upon their experiences, talents and connections to make things happen.

So, whenever I meet a momentum builder the conversation for the first hour is mostly about what we do, how we got there and what we would like to do.

Then, before we know it- we’ve entered the SECOND HOUR.

The second hour is when the light bulbs starting going off.  There’s a certain type of synergy developing. We start naming who we know that can help the other person, how we can get our plans/vision/dreams accomplished and sometimes, we even have dates and times setup for whatever is next.   I always walk away one step further along in my life journey.

So, the next time you sense the momentum building in a meeting, push to the second hour.  This is how to come up with great ideas.


Sarah Batista

Sarah Batista is a speaker, journalist, entrepreneur and documentary filmmaker.
She worked as a TV reporter/anchor for 10 years before launching Stories to Inspire in 2013. Her film production company specializes in telling the stories of non-profits and businesses to inspire change, action and giving.

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