Stories to Inspire is a film production and entertainment company that highlights unique and authentic moments in a person’s journey to inspire courage and action. We specialize in producing inspiring live events, film and/or video content for individuals, non-profits and purpose-driven businesses.

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Ready to be inspired? We host public events frequently and would love to hear your story. Showing up is the first step!

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From freelance production to inspiring workshops, we have the skills and expertise to get your story heard.

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There is no limit on the type of projects that we work on – from nonprofit causes to individual victories, we’ve covered them all.

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Simply put, we’re storytellers. We know how important it is to shine light on stories that will make a difference in the lives of others.

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Meet Sarah Batista, Founder and Creative Director


Sarah Batista is an award-winning TV journalist, entrepreneur, and speaker.  Before launching her film production company Stories to Inspire, she worked 10 years as a reporter and anchor in local television news. After years of covering bad news, the single mom flew the coop from WBTV in Charlotte, NC in 2013 to pursue her dream of documentary filmmaking. Leaving her comfort zone was one of the most difficult decisions she’s ever made.  She has since launched the She Flew the Coop movement which includes a series of videos, events, panel discussions and workshops focused on inspiring women and girls to step out of their comfort zone and pursue their dreams.

Our People


Asia Wilson

Public Relations Director

Sydney Greene

Communications Assistant

Jeremy Ball


Mackenzie Brown

Production Coordinator

Bianca Capo

Strengths Coach

Ingrid Russell



Join Our She Flew The Coop Movement

Also founded by Sarah Batista, She Flew The Coop is tribe of women (men welcome too) who understand that life is a journey. We are in various phases of “flying the coop” and leaving our comfort zone to pursue our dreams and goals. Some of us have already leaped, others are thinking about it and some of us just want to connect and support other women who’ve done so.

Together we are stronger. 

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