Who we are

Who we are

Everyone has a story. Let us share yours.

Trying to capture the great work of your organization in an article or conversation can be challenging.

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Film Shoot

Film Shoot


Watch this inspiring piece on these awesome culinary students, Meet Carmen, George and Kelvin.

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Matthews Road Wolves

In this story, we reveal how the Matthews Road Wolves are no ordinary motorcycle club.

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Stories to Inspire On Stage

Our annual Stories to Inspire On Stage competition hosted by Sarah Batista.

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Stories To Inspire


02 December

Fear of failure

By Sarah Batista What I’ve experienced with fear can be…

02 December






RT @frankpallotta: Another day, another unprecedented @Adele number. 3 million copies in less than a week. https://t.co/TLR0FnX7xY https://…
RT @SteveEanes: Great time today shooting my updated speaker intro video with @sarahbatistaTV @toInspirefilms - can't wait 2 see it https:/…
15 Female Entrepreneurs You Should Know About (But Probably Don’t) #success #female #entrepreneurs https://t.co/Oi41LZbSVn
"If you don't realize what your passion is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it."... https://t.co/qrpUDmramX
Five lessons that Stories to Inspire Founder, Sarah Batista, learned while being a news reporter that can be... https://t.co/8BUQgYV2le
Proving that video marketing can be vital for successful businesses or non-profits. #storiestoinspire... https://t.co/Shgjxjid9P
Stories to Inspire created this video about the Dentistry From the Heart event. Dentistry From the Heart is an... https://t.co/px1FL6zE2H
Stories to Inspire highlighted two non-profits who received technology support through Apparo. Apparo is a... https://t.co/cA25j7eSQT
Stories to Inspire Founder, Sarah Batista, gives her number one tip to overcoming fear of being on video.... https://t.co/YVkG2ZruWl
An example of how video marketing can help small businesses and non profits. #storiestoinspire #videomarketing... https://t.co/E1dHzqLI4j